Saturday, May 24, 2008

If Grandma Mode is broken...

It has come to my attention that the new Blur effect used in Grandma Mode may not work on everyones computers. In at least one quick effort to solve this, I've provided an option to disable while in the game.

Any time during the game (or in the main menu too), go to settings and click on "Disable Grandma Blur". If this still doesn't fix the graphical artifacts while in grandma mode, please email us at

So far we have found this problem is in regards to out of date drivers for the computers graphics card. If you want to see the blur effect, first try to update your drivers.

By the way, the download with the toggling ability is Smashout Alpha 9.1 on the side there.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Near Beta

Hey everyone, I won't type much now but I just posted a near beta release. Check it out on the right (Smashout Alpha 9.0).

NOTE: This release will launch straight into full screen. If you want to change that, open up win_cgf.xml located in the same directory as Game.exe and look for this "fullScreen" tag. Change the value from 1 to 0 and save.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Beta Build

The Beta Build will be coming soon. We have Beta turn in on Tuesday so expect something Monday or Tuesday. This build will blow your mind. Some of our biggest changes, so many in fact we haven't done them all. So get ready for a level of Smashout not even the creators have seen yet. :)

I'm super pumped myself.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Smashout Saturday?

So I was supposed to put a new build up last night but I fell asleep. I had to fly to Chicago this last week to find a place with my fiance for which I can live and play my xbox. So I was pretty tired by Friday when Scott picked me up and brought me back to HQ to get caught up. So sorry for the new build being late, but at least its here.

Smashout Alpha 4.0 (ignore the fact that there is no 2.0 or 3.0) has some cool new features but most of it is actually just changing of fixing how we did things in Alpha. You'll notice that all menus in game are all not those cheezy slide down images and have been replaced by menus similar to what you find outside of the game. We've also updated the particle effects to include some new suprises. Grandma Power also warps sounds now too (even music).

As far as gameplay, Tilting has been officially fixed (at least I'm pretty damned sure this time!). We've also made Grandma Power limited. You will notice a bar on the left side that will go down as you hold the spacebar. You'll have to let it go for a bit in order to gain it back. There is also a new ball counter on ther right. Every time you get 10 multiplier points in a row (no color changing or ball loses) you will get a ball back (up to 5). We have also thrown in levels 3 and 5 (designed by the Grand Master Franklin Ludgood himself).

So download and boot it up and as always, hit us up with your thoughts at!

Monday, May 5, 2008


Tilt is still not 100% working. I wasn't fully aware how frame based it is and need to come up with a good system to make it time based.

Calling all Alphas, its the incrediboulous Alpha Mapha Happa Snapple Time!

Hey everyone, we just put out our Alpha build of Smashout! It has some nice snappy new features for ya...well actually not a whole lot from the last release. The biggest thing is the launch button has been changed and we are pretty sure we've fixed that damn tilt problem.

Anyhoos, this time its an actual installer with a handy uninstall option. The game will launch into fullscreen but if you want to play it windowed, open up the win_cfg.xml file and change the 1 in "1" to 0.

Enjoy and as always, hit us back with your thoughts!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sweatbox Smashout

As Grant mentioned, we have Alpha coming up and Scott and I were the only ones who had work left to do. We met at my place on Saturday and worked our asses off from 12-11. Sadly, my AC was broken so we were left to sweat over our computers. I have to admit, the amount of work we got done was very satisfying. Major thanks to Scott who put in some serious time to get his stuff done and work with me on getting in to the game.

Major double-triple-quadruple whopper thanks goes to Casey Coffman. As Grant said, he is the best. The guy totally gave us his all this weekend even when no one asked him too. He is just that amazing.

As for me, its time for bed. Check out the Pre-Alpha release on the side there.

Sorry for not posting on Friday. I got pretty sick and we had a lot to do. I'll let the release speak for itself (press escape or F1 to get passed the objective screen).

WOW Blown Away

So I had to take a few days to go to my sisters graduation (Friday and Saturday) and I get back and our game is amazing. I really want to thank the team for all the extra hard work they put in these last few days to get our game ready for Alpha. Casey Coffman you are the best Art Director ever thanks for all your hard work and overtime you are blowing me away with your dedication. Thanks again guys for being the best group ever.
Alright 2 days till alpha.
Grant Shonkwiler