Monday, April 28, 2008

Smashout Someday

Hey everyone,

Some recent family related situations have made me have to leave the Smashout Team for a bit. I was able to work long distance but this caused a delay in delievering a new release on Smashout Friday. So we posted the release yesterday but didn't make any news about it. So on the right is the new release.

In this build are are launch points. These are fixed locations the ball can start from in any level. When you start a level or lose the main ball, you'll have to select a new launch point and press enter. All this is in the readme that is in the release.

You'll also see Gravity Bricks which create Gravity Wells. It'll be pretty clear what these do when you see em. Also the game has been given a new effects system so you'll see more unique particle effects for each type of brick.

As always, enjoy and send us your thoughts at!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Smashout Friday

Hey everyone,

As we promised, here is a new release. This version has effect bricks implemented. There are:

  • Rainbow Bricks : Teal-colored bricks that will change the color of neighboring bricks
  • Bomb Bricks : Yellow-colored bricks that will break all neighboring bricks, giving you full multiplier points regardless of the color of the ball
  • Multiball Bricks : Purple-colored bricks that will release a special purple ball that will bounce around. Any bricks broken by a Multiball will add to your multiplier as if it were the same color as the ball.
We've also added some textures to get a better idea of how the game will look down the road. Some things that will be coming up in the next release:

  • A menu with options settings for sounds and gamma
  • Launch points : be able to select where the ball will start in a level (and after every time you lose it)
  • Gravity Bricks : Spawn a gravity well that will suck the ball in towards it.
So enjoy and as always, hit us up with feedback!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Special Version of Download

Hey everyone,

As Grant pointed out in the previous post, we've been having some crashes due to (we hope its just this) a new rendering technique. We are currently taking into consideration what has to be done to solve this. I've posted a new build that removes that technique and we've had some success on machines that were crashing. You can download it on the right. Its got the "nova" at the end.

So please download this new release if you were having problems. Grant should be sending out an email to all the testers with the link as well.

Thanks again.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Possible problem

Hey everyone we are having a problem with the latest build crashing on computers with nvidia graphics cards. If you get the new build and it crashes please email us at Sorry for the problem thanks for everyone who brought this to our attention so quickly.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Smashout Fridays!

Hey there everyone!

Welcome to Smashout Fridays! The official day of loving you some Smashout! So Grant has limited us to only posting new releases on Fridays. I would personally like to post as soon as I get a feature in but Grant and Scott fear that we will overload you guys. Eh. Anyhoos, I'm excited to be putting up a new release with a slew of new features!

You can read about the features in the ReadMe.txt file that is in the zip (on the side over there) but I'll skim over some of them here:

  1. Scoring has now been implemented. See how high you can get it.
  2. New sound effects
  3. Multiple Levels (use the arrow keys to move through them)
  4. A special surprise when you beat a level
Grant is putting together some questions to send to testers about the new release, so if you want to join our official testing group, send us an email at!

I'd like to thank Casey Coffman for all the incredible sounds he has provided for this release. We hope you guys enjoy it and as always, send us feedback!